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Walkthrough Pico Sim Date 2

2011-05-09 00:51:40 by Aeirou

Pico Sim Date 2-------------------------------------
Pico Sim Date 2 is continuity from Pico Sim Date. This story is about Pico after he success win over Nene's heart. Unfortunately, the bad guy Cyclops appears again. He kidnaps Nene for whatever reason, and Pico must take Nene back.
Well that the sort of this story. Here I am, Aeirou will help you with some walkthrough to succeed win this game smoothly and beautifully. I am myself, be able win this game in 61 days, I am tried to collect the data as much as possible and please feel free to add some information if you guys find something.

1. Put all the point to "Intelligence"
2. For first 20 days, please just "Study" and "Work." Use money to study, do not choose the free one in everything. Keep like that until you reach 200 points or more.
3. Continue with "Work Out" and "Work" until your "Strength" reaches 150 points. You should be able to get 150 point in the end of 35 - 38 days. Use money to make it faster.
4. And then, continue to "Charm." Increase it until 100 points or more.
5. In the 40 days, u already gains 200 pts for "Intelligence," 150 pts for "Strength" and 100 pts for "Charm." Now you can hit on girls.
6. The girls will only give you answer after you reach 1000 points. First, they will give you their name then email address and last is they will agree to go out with you. Don't pushes you luck, I already prepare some walkthrough for you (About Girl), look and learn it.
7. You can ask for conversation until three times, the girl will asking you the question and you must answer it correctly or she will get disappoint. Every times, you answer correctly, you will get 25 points, so if you answer the three questions correctly you will gain around 75 points.
8. If you get 75 points, you can continue with gift, normally you can give two gifts but if you give the gift which is has a price $ 550, you will get 100 points already. And also you can get picture to increase the points but the girl only one have some picture with you if the points already around 75 points.
9. The last, you can "Kiss" the girl.
10. Don't try to kiss the girl if you not get perfect 100 points or you she will disappoint and the point will decrease, which is mean you fail on the date.
11. When the points of the girl already reach 1000, you can ask for the information about Cyclops. You can ask two things, "about Cyclops" or "Marry me." Normally you supposed to choose the first question so the game will go on. If you ask the girl to merry you the bad guy will appear but not Cyclops, it depend on the girl you try to hit on and if you beat the guy, you will get special cloth as a prize and game will over.
12. But if you ask about Cyclops, the girl will give you the information separately, where those will lead you to Cyclops hideout. The first is the location in NF Forest, second is small shack locate in NG Forest, third is the key to that shack, fourth is the password number "7006" (It is not fix.)
13. Once you get access to that room, you will meet the Cyclops with new hairstyle. Beat the crap out of him and finish the game.
14. Don't be disappoint, you will see nothing in the end but "Thank you for playing this game" and "Apologize for not give the good prize for finishing the game." Well, what can I said, we only need to wait for the programmer to finish the game 100% and I pray for it.
15. That is all my suggestion, the rest you must learn it by yourself.

About Girls
The girl is not much problem as long you have money to buy gifts and already know the answer for every question when you date. There is points for measure your relationship with the girl, 50 pts for her name, 200 pts for email address, 400 pts for date and 1000 pts for info about Cyclops. Cloth will help to increase the points, the more expensive the cloth the easier the points increase.

Erika (GYM) ______________________________________
Prize : Dad n Me
Boss : Jeffy Ultimo

Soccer Player : Jeffy Ultimo
Don't like : Science
Favorite show : Shoot Out
Previous school : South Portal School
Favorite Food : Nachos
Birthday : 8th June
Visit : California
Buy brand sport gear : Vex'd Up
Work at : Mini Golf Park
Sport : Soccer

Kate (Library) ______________________________________
Prize : Tankman
Boss : Shika Maru

Favorite subject: Art
Birthday : 18th January
Work : Office Assistant
Favorite Food : Spaghetti
Favorite Desert : Fudge pears
Music : FLOW
Brother : 3 older brothers
Anime : Fruit Basket
Shopping : Bookmark
Want to live : Japan
Movies : Drama

Mia (Bar) ______________________________________
Prize : Strawberry clock
Boss : BJ (Big Jerk)

Favorite Band : Salt & Vanilla
Cloth : Dremio
Food : Soya Wok
Movies : Comedies
Music : RnB
When watch movie : Granulated peanuts
Work : Receptionist
Birthday : 30th April
Favorite subject : Math
Hairstyle products : Shinii
After school : Lawyer

Sabrina (Dark Corner) ________________________________
Prize : Alien Hominid
Boss : Some Emo

Hate food : Fish
Hate subject : Family studies
Animals : Thin-haired weasels
Color : Magma red
Favorite food : Peanut butter n Jelly sandwich
When bored : gardening
Band : Dark Glow
Desert : Sweet strawberry Ice cream
Store : Razor Sharp
Birthday : 13th September
Work : Fish factory

Job Walkthrough
This is when you get to the job, you will give a question. The question will be in order according to the job (Janitor Rank, Errand Boy, Supplies Manager, Cubicle Hand Rank, Computer Management Assistant Rank, Business Supervisor Rank, Trophy Employee Rank, Vice President, CEO Rank and Big Boss Rank.) The world with the "Bracket" ()" will identify the topic, the number is the question you must choose. #1 is "choose question no 1," #2 is "choose question no 2."
Janitor Rank (Mop, spill) : #1
Janitor Rank (Kyle, Punch) #1
Janitor Rank ('It' Person) #2
Janitor Rank (Joe, Birthday) #2
Janitor Rank (Bad Day, Bunny Mascot) #2

Errand Boy Rank (Coffee) #1
Errand Boy Rank (Gold Clubs, worn out) #2
Errand Boy Rank (A/B-Wing) #1
Errand Boy Rank (Johnny, Singer) #2
Errand Boy Rank (Donuts, Filling) #1

Supplies Manager Rank (Pen) #2
Supplies Manager Rank (Vinh, 100$ Bet) #1
Supplies Manager Rank (Kim, Vinh Covering) #2
Supplies Manager Rank (6000 Pens) #2

Cubicle Hand Rank (MMORPG) #1
Cubicle Hand Rank (Crunch Time, Date) #2
Cubicle Hand Rank (Danny Pushing Around) #1
Cubicle Hand Rank (Make A T-Shirt) #1
Cubicle Hand Rank (Presentation To Davis) #1

Computer Management Assistant Rank (The Speech) #2
Computer Management Assistant Rank (Get In Girl) #2
Computer Management Assistant Rank (MMORPG Guild Rivals) #2
Computer Management Assistant Rank (Evon/Dylan) #2
Computer Management Assistant Rank (Second/First Boats) #2

Business Supervisor Rank (Virus) #2
Business Supervisor Rank (Which Song) #1
Business Supervisor Rank (Selling out friends) #2
Business Supervisor Rank (Skipping Work) #1
Business Supervisor Rank (Missed Meeting) #2

Trophy Employee Rank (Sexual Harassment) #2
Trophy Employee Rank (Picking a Restaurant) #2
Trophy Employee Rank (Missing Golf Club) #2
Trophy Employee Rank (Sexy Daughter) #2

Vice President Rank (Expansion) #1
Vice President Rank (Freak Accident) #2
Vice President Rank (Paintball) #2
Vice President Rank (Slutty Girls) #2
Vice President Rank (Sniper Kyle) #1

CEO Rank (Typist) #1
CEO Rank (Music Man) #2

Big Boss Rank (Your Typist) #1
Big Boss Rank (The Boy Band) #2
Big Boss Rank (Party Idea) #1
Big Boss Rank (Golf Game) #1
Big Boss Rank (Merging Companies) #2

(Dave1004, 2010)

This is the data I been gather, some of it I get from other people research. If you find something new, feel free to add it. I am sorry if there is a mistake, I do realize this is still far from perfect. However, my purpose is nothing but help you gamers. Thanks for your support.


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2011-05-09 09:48:40

In the job situation %uF0D8 Cubicle Hand Rank (MMORPG) #1, I lost 18 points of intelligence instead of gaining it (yeh theres still a few bugs out there but I dunno all of them) I'll let ya kno in case other ppl wonder why their skill points are disappearing for getting things "right"


2011-06-16 00:21:35

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2011-10-15 14:03:16

I finished pico sim date 2 in 75 days just because of this guide. Thanks very much. you helped me a LOT. :)))))


2012-09-20 00:48:57

The big boss golf game should be number 2 not 1


2014-01-10 22:32:35

the golf game answer for big boos is 2